Sample Report

Property Inspection Report

SIMLER Inspections uses computers and digital cameras to document our findings. The report contains easy to understand text and checklist information. It is said that a “picture is worth a thousand words.” Our report contains an unlimited number of color photos that provides an extremely helpful visual of what we are describing. This is especially important for those who cannot attend the inspection.

Our report starts with a cover page with a photo of the front of the property. The next section is general information for the property inspected. Following is our inspection agreement which describes the parameters for which the inspection is being performed under. Next is a section describing our rating system. We categorize our findings into items that are Satisfactory, Major Concerns, General Repairs, Items to Monitor, and Maintenance Suggestions.

At the top of each section is an “Inspection Procedure” paragraph. This describes how we inspect that particular component and list limitations that we may have. It also may list items that are not inspected.

The beginning of each major component describes what is there, type, ages, typical life expectancy, etc. Each component is then rated with a description of what we found. Photos appear directed below/beside the notes. If there is a specific item in the photo, we can highlight this with an arrow or oval for easy viewing. Items that are rated as Major Concerns or General Repairs are color coded and are copied to a Summary Section at the rear of the report. The summary allows for easier viewing of repair items.

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